Monday, January 31, 2011

Just another short story by me

I made up this story after finished playing God Of War(Ghost of Sparta) last week. My idea for this story actually inspired from the part where Kratos returning to Olympus after he killed Thanatos but I'm going to use my own storyline with my own imagery character. Briefly, the story is about Kusonagi's adventure after he joined the evil side by entering the portal to hell, there were many things happen along the way. Did his life changed after he became a demon? carry on reading to know the full story~ xD

I use kusonagi as my nickname in some online/offline games

Kusonagi was a young and brave mortal considered as one single most powerful warrior during his time. He was being matchless on the battlefield, especially in man-on-man duels and due to his reputation as an unmatched and highly skilled warrior, many has fallen by the swing of his longsword. Doubt with his loyalty and fear of his mighty, one day his overlord imprisoned and tortured him to death. He was sent to hell upon his death in the mortal realm through an awfully heaven-like portal. He was made seventh ranking general among the generals posted on the circle of hell where he was given the task of guarding the lowest level of the infernal region.

Being efficient in his tasks he was eventually promoted and moved into a special force where he was commanded to corrupt and coerce angels into switching their allegience and joining the orders of hell. Kusonagi and his companions of darkness wielded their ability of persuasion which cause hundreds of angels to defect before the holy armies caught up with the situation.

In response, the holy armies immediately made an attempt to storm the Gates of Hell in what has been known as the "Holy War Against The Fallen Angels". For the holy armies, it was already well known by them that a direct assault on Hell was a suicide mission. However with a high moral value and loyalty towards the Heaven, they viewed the battle as a symbol for their unwavering belief in good. The armies of Hell only lost very few of its own troops as the Holy forces focused much of their attack on destroying the Fallen Angels who had betrayed them. The Holy forces were eventually forced to retreat after suffering very heavy casualties, but they viewed it as a small victory as only a few dozen Fallen Angels were left at the end of the battle. The battleground looked like it was covered in snow from all of the feathers that had been scattered in the fighting.

Kusonagi's special force was decomissioned and he was again promoted and reassigned. Now he was given control over a small army and sent to the realm of Lords. It is believed that he is there to kill whatever he comes across to further fill the ranks of the armies of Hell with all the dead he leaves in his wake (there he did revenge upon his death by killing his mortal overlord). However he has been spotted working with other armies, including those of mortals. So there seems to be some ulterior motives in play. Could Hell be scouting the realm of Lords with a mind for invading it one day? Are there reasons why Hell would benefit from the survival of the realm of Lords that would cause them to join in its defence? Perhaps only time will tell.