Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Amrileous Pra-cipta Nibong Project Video

This is the Pra-cipta video (improved version of previous video) for Amrileous Nibong Project.. I added some perspective titles replacing the normal one and also packaging animation ( for the sound, it is the edited version of the transformer's transformation sound ). Lately I've been thinking on adding a scene which is the Idea Development of this project using some cool effects.. once it's done it will be shown during the Cipta held at FSGK Unimas. xD

Packaging Scene

Full Video

*This video has been compressed to a smaller size since the original one is in full HD quality for faster view.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Actually I have to decide whether i'm going to do my practical during the semester break which is around Jun/July or taking a short sem course but this time I'm going to repair my first semester subject which of course will increase my CGPA. So, finally i've made up my mind by staying in Unimas during the break. Not only I will be able to increase my CGPA, but i will also be able to spend time with my friends, Amrileous and Ehsan (before all of us part ways) and the best part is I will be able to go to Unimas gym every evening! hehe. xD

Kinda frustrated with blogger since yesterday (unable to upload an animation video to my blog) but I will try again some other time to upload the video. I hope i will be able to put in some cool effects in the video by this week.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm Coming Home

It's been like 7 to 8 years I've been living in this foreign land. Well I knew one day this was going to come to an end and I don't mind either. Since I've been far away too long from my family, I think it's time to be home and spent the rest of my life with them and have lots of memories together. So there's a low probability that I'm going to work far from Miri (can still consider working in Brunei or Bintulu as I can still coming home after work or weekend, I dont think i will be having a problem with that since my father is currently working in Brunei).

Here's the song of I'm Coming Home but of course the lyric xda kena mengena with me coming home. It is a great song.. enjoy xD