Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Three Kingdoms 2010

Finally they added the new episodes of the three kingdoms on MySoju so i can go watch them tomorrow at CAIS becoz probably i'm going to watch some movies in the cinema tonight. Talking about the three kingdoms, there are 95 episodes all together and the drama was released in May 2010. It doesn't start from the Yellow Turban Rebellion but instead Dong Zhuo's reign of terror, so a bit disappointed there because i really wanted to see Zhang Jiao and his brother Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao ruled the land and how in the first place the rebellion breaks out. The drama was actually adapted from Romance of The Three Kingdom written by Luo Guanzhong.

Currently, it's so hard to find the softsub for the drama so i have to wait for the release of the episodes along with the english sub. There are DVDs sold out there but the BM translations are SUX to the core ( the one who translated all the dramas mesti mengantuk because sometimes there are some symbols appear and oso the use of words also terrible ) I did a comparation between the BM subs with the English subs so i quit watching the drama from the DVD. I wish i could understand mandarin well so i dun need to wait. *sigh*

I really like the song played at the beginning of the drama.. I dont care if u want to call me an Old man because of that, hehe. I started to like The Three Kingdoms since i was in Secondary school ( when i was in form 1 ). I remember playing the game by that time on my first Playstation Console. There are two categories of the three kingdoms' games; strategy and action.. the strategy one title Romance of the Three Kingdom or Sangokushi while the action one title Dynasty Warriors. I finished playing the latest one which is RTKXI at my PC last 2 weeks and also Dynasty Warriors 6 on my PS3 last year. Do really let me know if anyone also likes three kingdom.. We can share some thoughts regarding the story of it along with the characters as well. xD

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