Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good news, Bad news situation..

The good news is for this semester I only take 2 subjects; statistics and TITAS. So I have plenty of time doing my indoor/outdoor activities because my classes held on the tuesday evening, wednesday morning, friday evening with accumulative hour of 5 hours per week. So if my math is correct, i have like 24*7-5-7*7(sleep)= 114 with an average of 16 hours per day to spend!! So YES!! I can spend my time eating 1 hour, shower 1 hour, blur 1 hour, driving 1 hour.. and still got 12 hour.. em, maybe can consider downloading movies 4 to 5 hour at CAIS, workout 1 hour, watching movies 2 hour, walking 1 hour, and the rest playing PSP or computer games. What a healthy lifestyle it is.. hehe

The bad news is I'm having trouble sleeping lately. While I was making this post it's already 4.20 a.m. Yesterday I hunt monsters with my friend and went back home around 7 a.m. Then woke up around 6 p.m. Aduh.. I need to sleep or else i will miss my class this evening.


  1. Tahniah kerana menjadi org pertama yang membuat komen di blog ini dan anda berjaya memenangi TV LCD 60" jenama SONY. Sila claim hadiah ini di balai polis berhampiran.. TQ~ xD

  2. hahahaha~ Pengkomen pertama pun dpt hadiah ek.. pemolo yg pertama plak dpt apa? :D

  3. pemolo pertama dpt pizza.. claim je dr pengomen pertama. xD