Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The good demon

Once upon a time, there was a demon who had a little red hooded cape and cloak who lived at Forodwaith; north of the middle-earth. One day, she was going to pay a visit to her grandma to give her cake and wine because she was too ill. Along the way, suddenly a knight from Rohan came and approached the girl. He wanted to eat the little demon and her granny once he knew her intention. So the evil knight suggested to the little demon to get some brimstone for her granny. In the meantime, he went to the grandmother's house and gained entry by pretending to be the girl. He swallowed the sick grandmother, and waited for the girl, disguised as the grandmother. When the girl arrived, he swallowed her too but a lone axeman came and cut open the knight and put stones in his belly. The knight got up for some water but fell into the well and died.


More info: WIKI

I made up the story after i saw the Red Riding Hood trailer. The moral of the story, there is a good demon. xD


  1. wau... so amazing this story....

  2. Cant wait to watch the movie~
    Why Catherine Hardwicke is the one that direct the movie. I dont think the werewolf scary one mesti cute like the one in twilight. *sigh*