Friday, January 28, 2011

Mexxi oh Mexxi

Don't think that I'm silly for liking it, I just happen to like the simple little things, and I love cats! - Michelle Gardner

X boleh tidur.. ada benda di atas katil~

Due to my high level of curiosity recently i read about Gulliver's travels by Jonathan Swift after I bought it 2 days ago from MPH bookstore the Spring. I watched the movie in cinema 2 weeks ago, since then i kept on asking about the way the actor acts, is the same person inside the book really that funny? and the answer is no. lolz. Still, I do enjoy reading the book because there are 4 parts of voyage all together. The one in the movie is only about his first voyage which is a voyage to Lilliput.

Time to sleep now~

Since I'm not going back home next week, so i'm not gonna see my Mexxi until April. I took these pictures last year of her and she's growing bigger and bigger now. The way I look at it, she seems happy because everyday she sleep in my room with the air-conditioner turns on. I bet if you do the same to your cat.. for sure u will get one fat cat like mine. A little piece of advice, try not to feed your cats with "ikan rebus" because it's not good for their skin. I feed my cat with friskies as it contains lots of vitamins which is good for them but u can also choose to feed them with whiskas.

Her name is Mexxi!! and I use her name for my cat in the monster hunter. xD


  1. meh mexxi kau tu wat bantal.... ha ha ha

  2. comel sgt kucing 2..=))jom la g blog liyana..liyana follow kamu..follow memolow..

  3. kucing ni diorang ada habit suka baring atau tido kat benda yang sama kaler dgn bulu.. sometimes bahaya juga sebab hampir terpijak.

  4. perhhh....badan macam garfield .....brp kilo agaknyer ya????

  5. last time timbang perut dia nak dekat 7 kilo.. 6 kilo lebih camtu~ so x perlulah nak susah2 angkat dumbbell, angkat dia pun dah cukup. xD