Thursday, January 27, 2011

Upcoming CNY holiday

I've discussed with my fren yesteday and we have decided to go somewhere during this CNY holiday. Here's a where-to-go list during the next week holiday:
1) Wind cave nature reserve - located about 5 km southwest of Bau.
2) Lundu - a town located in the Northwest of Kuching Division of Sarawak.
3) Sematan - a seaside town located 110 km west of Kuching.
4) Ranchan waterfall - located at Serian.

Here are some pictures which were taken during last month semester break. I brought my frens to various places in Miri such as crocodile farm, Lambir waterfall, Niah cave, marina bay, esplanade, taman awam Miri, grand old lady and several shopping complexes.

In a way, I found these crocodiles cute and seriously when u look deep into their eyes, u will start to feel sympathy towards them. Location: Miri crocodile farm

The popular hanging bridge of Miri. Location: Taman awam Miri

Lambir Hill National Park is located along the Miri-Bintulu Road. Sometimes during the weekend me and my friend will go here trekking instead of G.O.L. Location: Lambir

Are u dare enough to go in there? hehe. The picture was taken at the painted cave. Location: Niah

Can u imagine a place for trekking in the middle of the city? Location: Grand old lady

*credit to Amrileous for taking those pics and pro overclocker. xD


  1. ???... ugap faham.. mana gambar adik mu nya (fikri)... la la la~

  2. ha ha ha... nangis2 dia tu sbb tak ada dia... la la la~