Sunday, February 6, 2011

The devil bitten by pack of wolves

Me and my coursemate lying back at digi's advertisement banner. Location: Kuching International Airport.

There are advantages and disadvantages of extending semester but in this post i'm not gonna talk about them. What i felt during this semester is the decreasing number of friends since most of them have finished their studies including my ex-roommate. That's is one of the reason in the first place why this blog exist. I dunno what will happen if this blog doesn't exist, i might spend lots of time and money going out watching movies in the cinema, driving, playing games and so on.. just to waste some times. I did consider to start out my trading activity again with my real account but i dunno why i keep on stopping myself from doing that ( maybe it's not the right time yet ). However, i'm glad that some of my friends are still around and i know that this is the only time left for us to hang out with each other. I'm saying such thing because i'm the only one from Miri and most of them are from Peninsular Malaysia so it's hard to meet them again later. I'm sure most of my friends that followed this blog do have lots of friends and maybe bf/gf that always be there for them. Hopefully we all can spend our time with them while we can and at the same time make both party happy.. regarding the above topic actually xda kena mengena dgn post tp kan M.U kalah semalam.. hehe xD