Saturday, February 5, 2011

This is the time

There's still plenty of time left and everyone can still have two days' vacation, family outing, or might as well relaxing at home and play some games or even spend time with your love ones because the CNY holiday is coming to an end. If u read the news, Miri will be hosting the 2011 Chinese New Year (CNY) Malaysian Open House. Unluckily, i'm not in Miri right now and there's no way on earth that i'm going there by car because from Kuching to Miri alone, it takes more than 1000km which is more than 12-13 hours. I've decided to stay in Kuching since this is my last semester and i wish to spend my time with my friends here.

I went to Bau town last two days with the intention to visit the Wind cave nature reserve but sadly, the entrance is closed due to serious flooding. Since it is within easy reach from Kuching and is a popular day trip so I'm going there again by the time it's open for public.

This is the cave my friend and I found along the way from Bau to Fairy cave.

So for today, i'm going to the cinema and watch some movies because the atmosphere there makes me forget all what is around me and concentrate 100% on the movie (actually i like the popcorn they sell there.. hehe). I did share a few tips in my last post on things to do before u go to the cinema, if rajin then u can read it here. Have a nice weekend everyone! xD


  1. truthfully, tingin nak gi sane tauu :)

  2. 1000km...woah!like north to south peninsula.

    have a nice weekend..

  3. gua fairy... rindu nak ke sana...
    zaman2 dlu pena camping dan masuk2 gua..:)