Monday, February 21, 2011

Green Hornet, Hulk or Anything Green~

Lately i'm kinda super bz with my life.. doing my workout at the gym twice a day and helping Amrileous with some animation and video editing. I'm not gonna talk more detail on those things but instead, talking about something green. Usually the first thing that comes on mind is the grass. When u look outside u will see that on the other side the grass is greener than anything else. To me springy grass green is the most peaceful color among green color because green itself is soothing, and the green color decor feels peaceful so u can consider green color as one of the option for decorating home.

Talking about movie, what comes on my mind is the incredible hulk. I've watched all the hulk movie but i still prefer to watch the cartoon one especially planet Hulk. There's also one latest movie in the cinema which has green on it's title which is the green hornet.

Inedible hulks, bukan incredible hulks.

When i ask "What can u think of smth which is green?" they are thousand of possible answers instead of grass. so what might be ur answer then? xD