Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chair Animation

Finally, the video which i've said before has been completed. The time required to do the animation is only 2 days. It is actually an animation for Amrileous fyp project which consists of the movement of how the chair is going to be assembled, a few possible placements, and also an ergonomic which he didn't include in his panel.

So for the next few days, again i'm going to be quite bz doing the animation for my TITAS presentation which is about the political matters for China's civilization. Once it's done i'm going to attach the video in my new post. There's a lot of things in my mind on how i'm going to do it and hopefully there's no such thing as "The idea is there but it's not there!!" hehe. I'm not going to update my blog till next week. Enjoy ur weekend ya. xD

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