Wednesday, February 2, 2011

*STICKY* Quest to Jumbu Desert

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Long, long ago, mankind, wyverns, dragons, leviathan, pelagus and all, lived together in this world. Everyday, they worked together as a team and helped each others especially on the battlefield. Kusonagi, a mighty black sage, decided to continue his research at Jumbu Desert with his companion Amrileous, an old priest-doctor. One day, they wandered the desert without any supply of water. The place was extremely hot where ordinary humans would not be able to stand with the heat as it would drain stamina and life but Kusonagi and Amrileous with a strong mind and guts never had any intention to give up on their journey. They searched everywhere until they finally found a mysterious place. However, Jumbu Desert was known that there was no oasis at all and there's no possibility that it was an oasis. With no hesitation, Kusonagi hold his Narga staff high and then launched a spell which summoned a windy storm.
"Ohtesse!" he said out loud.

The path cleared and the oasis was real. Amrileous was thirsty and then he sprang into the water. Suddenly the weather changed. The ground was shaking and something big was moving underneath the sand. A monster known as Jhen Mohran appeared in front of them. It was a very huge crocodile with two long tusks.

Jhen Mohran from monster hunter 3

"Amri!!! Save yourself, run while I distract the monster!" shouted Kusonagi to Amrileous.
"No!" answered Amrileous, "I am not that powerless!"
He raised his alien looking greatsword towards the sky and shouted "Tigrex! O' Great Power of the mighty Wyvern!"
In a flash of time, three fireballs stroke the monster but it seemed as it had no effects.
"Forblaze! Power of the thunder, grant me the power!" he shouted again.
A bolt of lightning appeared in front of the monster and stroke it's tusks. It was super effective. but the monster was only weakened.
"Let us not delay anymore! We shall go from here!" told Kusonagi to Amrileous.
"No...."He replied,"That huge power, the quintessence of this monster is worth to be absorbed!"
"Gresment! Great power of darkness, grant me the power, strong enough to absorb this monster!"
A circle appeared under the monster, and it began to shatter apart.

Kusonagi knew that Amrileous's was trying to kill the monster, but since he had his heart and thought that the cute monster deserved to live, he tried to stop him.
"Amrileous, I'm sorry..." He grab his greatsword and used it's power.
"O' Mighty greatsword...Use your power to silent the magic!"
Amrileous's attention didn't worked and they successfully repel the Jhen Mohran as the monster swam away.
"You!Why did you!"
"I'm so sorry Amri, but this is not part of the mission."
Amrileous fainted after a quick blow by Kusonagi. Then the rumors spreaded over about the monster. Until it reached the Poka Poka Airu village.

*The story actually inspired from the mission taken by me and Amrileous in monster hunter 3 last night in order to increase my monster hunter ranking. Of course the character which is sage and priest-doctor aren't in the game.. they just my imaginary character. xD