Thursday, February 3, 2011

Single or Double or Both??

I went out to see some fireworks, but sadly couldn't take any picture at all. Mesti byk yg dah ready nak main kecewa and the worst part was unable to save some of their fireworks from soaking wet with rainwater. I really likes fireworks and willing to spend hundreds to buy them especially before Hari raya. I think our government banned anyone from selling them, but in Brunei it's legal and u can find them everywhere. hihi

Since i hadn't eaten anything last nite so i brought my fren along to Kuching International Airport to have my dinner. I had my dinner at McD the night before and i ordered double prosperity burger. This time i try the single one sebab cannot tahan pedas. *sigh*

I'm off to buy nasi lemak and milo peng for breakfast.. Since it's still raining, maybe i'm going to postpone the trip to the Fairy cave. Happy CNY to all chinese and don't drink and drive ok? xD


  1. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR AND HAPPY HOLIDAY.. mana best single or double???selalu makan single jew huhuhu

  2. grab them before CNY over.. xD

  3. wau... sgt menarik....
    makanan kegemaran... nyam3...

  4. saya tahan pedas tp xlarat nak makan sampai double...
    emm raya cina ni xbeli lagi prosperity bege....

  5. bestnya kalau ada ability tahan pedas ni.. I like spicy food.. tp syg sekali x tahan pds~