Thursday, January 27, 2011

Careful when hunting monsters, lest thee become one

I fetched my fellow monster hunter's comrade, Amrileous last night and we went to MCD with one single purpose, to fight all the bloody life-threatening monsters in monster hunter 3. I brought along my PSP charger which I bought at CSS miri last month in case the battery become low (the first time i buy stuff from there where they gave me discount; maybe the tauke menang 4D that day ). Actually I haven't eat anything yet for dinner so consider prosperity burger ( my favourite burger ) with large coke and twister fries as my late dinner.

If u r interested to try out with the the latest monster hunter, u need to use CFW Updater 5.03 Prometheus-3 if u own a psp 3k. If u r using the phat version psp 2k or 1k, u need to use the other one CFW updater 5.50 by Prometheus. If you wrongly apply the update ur PSP will brick. Oh ya, u can search the custom firmware from or through Happy hunting! xD


  1. mmmeeeooooor
    pe main psp tak ajak pun... la la la~

  2. psp ko bukan tinggal kat rumah?

  3. huhu...
    t ku beli baru... la la la :)

  4. Kalau di Jepun jgn hairan kalau makcik-makcik yang datang duduk kat kedai makan men psp sama2.. kan best kalau di Malaysia mcmtu. xD

  5. hahha..kalau mcm tu x jadi kerja lah mak cik2 kat sini..sibuk lyn psp je..naik marah plak suami dorang nnti :P

  6. haha.. lupa pula about their husband. Our culture here also different than them.