Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday the movie day

*picture taken last year. credit to sifu Remi.

I wonder why ppl pick Wednesday as the movie day. Why not Tuesday or Thursday? Is it because Wednesday is the midpoint between Sunday and Saturday? I did my movie race last week by bringing myself watching 3 movies straight from 4.45 to 11.30 ( sounds crazy right? that's me. xD ). Compare to other ppl, i prefer watching alone. It's already becoming a habit for me. Btw, This is what I normally do before going to the cinema.

1. Determine what movies are on the screen right now.
Most ppl might look them in the newspaper but for me i prefer going to -> select cinemas -> choose any cinema in Sarawak. My favourite place would be MBO the spring and Star Cineplex. There will be a list of movies, If they are not in there dont blame me. xD

2. Find out the time of the movie
So once I choose a cinema, there will be showtimes result appear. Usually I watched the trailer of the movies before watching them in cinema. Sometimes they do appear before the movie you watch starts. I hate it when they show the KFC advertisement because it makes me wanna enjoy the movie with KFC chicken or burger. :(

3. Gather a little bit INFO about the movie
This is optional, but dont be suprised to see the movie u watch vary from what u expected. So a little bit of info about the movie is somewhat important. Some of the movies I watched, I already read their books such as Harry Potter and LOTR. So reading the book is also one way of doing it.

I'm waiting for the release of Shaolin. WIKI


  1. minat filem luar je ke..hehe.

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  3. Wah, how do u know? any action, science-fiction, fantasy, comedy, cartoon, kecuali horror or malay/hindi movie. too predictable~ xD
    I wrongly spell predictable just now. lolz

  4. maybe you can ask ur brother pro overclocker teman tgk? xD