Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fullhouse lead part tablature

A tiring night after coming back from college TAZ gym. I switch on the TV and browse through all the channels(since I dont subscribe for Astro so there's only TV 1,2,3 and NTV 7). Suddenly there's a Malay drama with the fullhouse song in it on TV 2. So I grab KJ's guitar and started to search for the tab. This is my version of the tab, might not be 100% accurate. I write down the tab on notepad, print screen and save it as an image. I do attach a video as well. It has been compressed to a smaller size for faster view. xD

Here's the tablature I made:

*Click to enlarge


  1. wau... sampai tertido ku dgr... zzzz

  2. Wah ! pdai men gitar..wt lgu ft island lak..hehe

  3. kalau ko tertido berjayala dah tu music yg aku buat ni.. hehe.. xD