Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reviving Arch

Back then before coming to kuching, I did partition my harddisk and installed Arch Linux in it but sad to say, my lappy fail on me, so i sent it to Acer centre in Kuching. Since my laptop is still under warranty of 3 years, so i didn't pay anything but I lost everything inside the Harddisk mostly my important datas such as My PES save game data ( my become a legend player valued more than Christiano Ronaldo already!! ) and of course my downloaded stuffs.

I used to be a Luser for more than one year, so I only happened to use Windows 3.0 until Windows XP then I started to use Arch linux until my laptop T.K.O last year. The laptop I'm using now has Windows 7 preinstalled during the first time I bought it. So I intend to install dual OS later with Arch linux and Grub as my boot loader.

The question is why not now?
Eventhough Arch Linux use the rolling release approach unlike Ubuntu ( although there are rumors said that Ubuntu going rolling release? this i'm not so sure, maybe? ) but I'm waiting for Gnome 3 which has been reschedule to release on March 2011. I like the thrill of installing Arch compare to other distros as I can customize it in any way that i want. I have freedom to choose any desktop environment but as I mentioned earlier i'm going to wait for the Gnome 3. I dont recommend other distro but Ubuntu to linux newbie or beginner.

In my opinion,
Linux OS is best for using open source programs, hacking, programming, and surfing
WIndows OS is best for gaming
Mac OS is best for multimedia
Chrome OS is best for surfing, email, and online document.

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