Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Give me a sign, I wanna believe..

I write this post after fixing gaming cat's bug on his website. I dunno much about php but I do know lot of stuffs about web or server hosting. xD

The site was created by gaming cat and PHP master programmer remi darth

It seems to be another bz week for me again. *sigh* I'm a type of person who are not just doing things for fun but i do care about the result by the end of the day. What i mean is the workout i've done for the past few weeks and Alhamdullilah slowly it's going to turn out to the way i wanted. For this week planning instead of doing my workout I'm going to finalize the video for my TITAS presentation which must be submitted by next week Tuesday and also doing some revision for my STAT's midterm which will be held by this Sunday.

and becoz of that I think this is the sign where I need to skip again my planning for this weekend activity which is trekking at the Gunung Gading.

For the post title, It's actually coming from the lyric - the Ballad of Mona Lisa song by Panic at the Disco which I currently listening to while writing this post.


  1. dpt fix tak?..
    wei, ptg ni mu free tak?..
    nak ajak pi ambil hdisk, t ku belanja mcd...
    inform me my phone ya... =)

  2. ouh ok. tak janji lagi.. mayb free lepas balik gym. nanti aku inform ko.