Friday, February 4, 2011

Horrible nightmare!

I had a way bad dream/nightmare last night, that stuck with me and kept me from sleeping the rest of the night.. I don't know where it came from or why I had it. It was just totally bizarre. Even though it is not real and usually quite normal but it really makes me feel extremely scared and frightened. There are two things that i fear a lot, first is falling from a great height(building, mountain or airplane) and the other one is losing anyone from my family members. So the dream basically started with a call from my mum( I forget her tone, whether it is sad or normal). She called me and told me that my grandma was admitted to the hospital. I started to feel uneasy and asked for the reason. The answer really shocked me. Luckily I was awake and when i looked around thank god it was just a nightmare.

I have decided to closed my heart to anyone but only to my family long time ago. So i really scared of losing them because they are the only people that i love. She's the only grandma i have now after my grandpa passed away last year. Everytime when i went back to Miri during my semester break, there's no chance that i won't hugged her and kissed her forehead. xD Like i always said to my friends or other ppl, friends do come and go but not ur family because they are urs. I had one pinoy friend who worked in Saudi Arabia but now he lived in US. He told me that he regretted working far away from his country because he had less memories with his parent. Both his parent has passed away long time ago. He advised me to have lots of memories with my parent while they are still alive. People think differently but i do agree with his advise as i think the same too. I have no intention of mempengaruhi anyone who read this post. I hope such nightmare won't come again. Happy Friday! xD


  1. hehe.. selalu lupa nak basuh kaki sebelum tido. xD

  2. tu la,dah tua.that's why u always forget to wash your feet. ngeee ;D

  3. I've experience once, siap nangis sebab mak mninggal..tup2 betul2 dy mninggal