Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flying motorcycle man!

This morning i didn't sleep, it's so weird that lately if i don't go to bed before 12 or 1 o'clock in the morning then i'll b having trouble sleeping. Last night, I helped Amrileous with his animated video until 2 a.m and after that went straight home (i already know that i will not be able to sleep after that).

Cut the crap, i stay up till early in the mornin' and took a shower, did some workout before goin' to Unimas. Something caught my eye after i went inside my car.. the engine temp. meter went towards hot sign so damn fast. I stopped the engine and checked the fluid level and saw leaking coming from a hose.
What comes on my mind when this occur is a few possibilities:
1) coolant leak or low fluid level
2) thermostat, radiator or radiator hose problem

I didn't think much and bravely, i drove the car slowly towards Unimas. When i reached the Uitm roundabout, the meter almost reached the hot indicator. I have no choice but to stop the engine and parked the car at the side of the road.

I called my fren to come and fetched me and while i was waiting inside the car. A motorcycle coming at about 50-60km/h towards my car.

Me while watching the side mirror: Damn.. u r going to hit MY CAR!!! and yeap he did and he flied. I watched the moment with a blur face and after a while, i went out to help the guy. Dalam hati i said to myself "This guy mesti angan2 time bawa motosikal" *sigh*. Deep in my heart kesian juga tgk that fellow. He also didn't ask for any compensation from me. (I think he knows he's the one yang salah). At first he did blamed me because i didn't show any signal but I cant do such thing.. well, i cant even start my car because of OVERHEAT. haiya.

At the end i sent the car to the workshop. End of the story. xD

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