Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Great battle of Los Angeles

Last week i went to the cinema and watched a movie "Battle: Los Angeles 2011" directed by Jonathan Liebesman. Well i rarely compare things but since the movie falls into the war genre so as i remember, there's not much war movies i've watched up until now.
The best war movies of all time so far to me is "Saving Private Ryan". I have a deep feeling towards the sacrifice of the main character in the movie and that's the only war movie i have watched multiple times (i even downloaded the BDRIP quality with 10gb size).

In my opinion, Battle of Los Angeles is far better than War of the Worlds and Skyline. The scene from the early part of the movie makes me feel like playing Killzone 3 in ps3 (well it do reminds me of my ps3 at home.. xD) and of course the ending of the movies. Well there are two things which are very important in war between Humans Vs Aliens which are:
1) How the aliens look like
2) The ending

Well compare to WOW and Skyline, Battle of Los Angeles is way better because of the ending. The aliens in WOW died because of the air while Skyline, the hero become the alien.. er. At least the solution out of desperation to the alien invasion isn't using nuclear like the Alien VS Predator 2. hehe.

Since today is the movie day.. so tonight perhaps another movie to watch?


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  2. not sure about sucker punch.. dun have any intention watching such movie in cinema.
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