Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool?

Talking about "April Fool" reminds me during my years in school. I wonder what is April Fool in BM.. Bodoh April? Org yang diperbodohkan di bulan April? Is the fool a verb or a noun? What i mean by verb is does "April fool someone/somebody/everyone". Of course April x bersalah dalam hal ini because yang memperbodohkan other ppl is human being not the month. hehe.

During my time in secondary schools, I'm one of the victim and absolutely cant avoid being fooled by my friends during the 1st of April and only by that time I realize is when they told me "April Fool". Now when i think back, back then i was too naive which is quite funny. Now there's no way ppl will fool me because it will be weird for adults to do such childish thing such as fooling other ppl right? xD


  1. same here.. always being fooled by my friend... ish! geram2.. huhu..

  2. uisshh.. sabaq..
    xbaek smbut aprilfool kan,..
    so, sbar la ape orang wat nan kite..
    Tuhan ade..
    ade la balasan nye nnti

  3. april fool always happen to me every years.i don't know why my pretty much dumb friend shrugged and always do the insane gimmick and lame joke to let me to slap my face against her side in different expression.
    pretty much dumb
    i hate april fool

  4. L.I.G: yeap. xD

    soly: it's been a long time I didn;t celebrate it.. but when we were kids in school we din know much. Only now i know why ppl banned this kind of celebration.

    anisa: ur frens still happen to tease u during april fool? that's smth rare to hear. Take them as positive or else will end up either in a fight or turn into enemy.